Where is Grenada?
In the Eastern Caribbean at the southernmost end of the Windward Islands.
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Grenada is some twelve degrees north of the equator and lies between Trinidad & Tobago
to the south and St Vincent and The Grenadines to the north.

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Grenada is an island of true contrasts. From beautiful beaches to cool, tropical rainforest.

Average temperatures are in the low to mid eighties and the island enjoys an almost constant breeze from the prevailing easterly trade winds.

Morne Rouge Beach

There are two seasons. The ‘dry season’ usually runs from January to May with the remainder of the year being referred to as the ‘rainy season’. We prefer to call it the ‘green season’. True, there is rain, but the showers are generally short and heavy and long periods of bright and sunny days are quite common. Because of its latitude, Grenada has historically, and thankfully, been spared from the worst of the tropical storm season. A hurricane-free record of virtually 50 years was broken in 2004 when Ivan struck the island.

Mt Carmel Falls

Better still, Grenada takes on a green lushness, with much of its plant life vibrant with colour and new growth. Many of those familiar with other Caribbean islands believe Grenada to be the least spoiled and most beautiful island of all. Contrary to some misconceptions, this island is peaceful and peace-loving.

Grenadians are extremely friendly and warm-hearted and welcome visitors to their country. A quote from Môr-Gân Villa’s Guest Book says it all: “The island of Grenada is very beautiful and very safe. The people are friendly and always made us feel very welcome.”

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Current weather in Grenada
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Last update: 21 June 2010

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